Hello! I am Jenny Mathews, owner of eudaemonia (of Greek origin and pronounced "you day monia"), and means the highest level of human flourishing; the happiest a person can be.

 I am enjoying my journey in exploring how I can best be used to serve you and others in life with an integrative and holistic approach to health. 

I have recently earned six certifications in six months' time, including becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist, earning my yoga certification at Strala Yoga in Manhattan, New York, and currently earning my Health Coaching Certification though the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York and will graduate in January of 2017. 

As I start to unfold my offerings, I am anticipating great things and have already witnessed changes in people's lives! I am so looking forward to the growth! Thank you for joining me in this progress!

What I Do


​​"That was amazing - fabulous. I loved how you started with my head & scalp and ended with my feet. I love how you worked slowly & felt areas that needed more attention. Your flow is fabulous, you have great continuity. I did not even realize until I was massaged by you how important flow is. Your timing is awesome."  KN

"Perfect pressure! Jenny is gifted with intuitive connection to the client. Every client she has will walk away better and very blessed. Thank you! Best massage in a very long time!" TJ

"Jenny was really friendly and asked about where my back hurt or where I was sore. She was very knowledgeable in her movements. Was very well worth my time. She let me know what she was doing and the work flowed smoothly. I will come back!" CK

Get to Know Me

be happy and flourish!